Influence is the quality that gives the ability to exercise a certain control overpower by someone or something. The influence of society can contribute to the development of intelligence, affectivity, assertiveness, behavior and, in a general sense, the formation of personality. When a person has lived in society and, for […]

The future of edtech includes better grading systems for educational tools, technology that supports deeper learning and ever-more-sophisticated data analysis. Edtech is well past the orientation period. Ninety-nine percent of K-12 classrooms in America have reached at least the minimum internet bandwidth target established by the FCC. At the same […]

Petriglieri Learning MIT Sloan Management Review | James Alexander Michie

Learning at work is work, and we must make space for it. The event was running over, the car was waiting, but the keynote speaker did not seem to mind. He was enjoying fielding questions from a large auditorium packed to the rafters with executives, aspiring entrepreneurs, and management students. […]

It is important to talk about a Survey of Post Secondary Teachers and Researchers which was designed to evaluate what is known as “diversity” among the selected groups, as a result of the commitment of the three Canadian research concession boards, under government guidance. Federal liberal, to increase “Diversity” among […]