Time Magazine James Alexander Michie

Just as the world has changed and reinvented itself for good or bad, journalism has kept pace with it. However, today’s journalists are not “guardians of the truth”. And is that journalism today has abandoned any attempt to be objective. Apparently, Time magazine is wrong. And is that it continues […]

Justin Trudeau James Alexander Michie

Canada must start competing. And is that all countries strive to improve their lot. The Canadians do it too. However, it is quite worrying that despite this, a particularly bright job is not being done. For some columnists, it is really bad to have to open the New Year in […]

Jordan Peterson James Alexander Michie

Jordan Peterson a Canadian clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. His main areas of study are in abnormal, social, and personality psychology, with a particular interest in the psychology of religious and ideological belief, and the assessment and improvement of personality and performance. Peterson’s […]

Weed James Alexander Michie

Some consider that Canada is really silly since it cannot make money with oil or whether it is drugs. Likewise, it is considered that possibly Canada could be the only country with legal marijuana and a large amount of oil. Despite this, he really cannot do anything with any of […]

Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou, in Vancouver James Alexander Michie

Meng Wanzhou also was known as Sabrina Meng and Cathy Meng, is a Chinese business executive. She lives in Shenzhen, China and is vice president of the board and CFO of China’s largest private company. The telecommunications giant Huawei, founded by his father Ren Zhengfei in 1987. On December 1, […]

Maxime Bernier James Alexander Michie

Possibly it is not the time of Maxime Bernier and in fact, maybe he is not the right guy. Possibly time is not established as the concern of all. Being that some may object to Bernier leaving the Tories on principle because they do not like the principles. In addition […]