The decade of Debt SchiffGold | James Alexander Michie

Reuters has dubbed the 2010s the “decade of debt.” The Reuters report focused on the ballooning levels of corporate debt, but consumer and government indebtedness has skyrocketed over the last 10 years as well. This massive debt bubble poses a significant systemic risk to the financial system and the economy. […]

Money Dollar SchiffGold | James Alexander Michie

It has been indicated that the government stimulus does not stimulate. And is that the United States government is spending money and accumulating debt at an unfathomable rate. US national debt increased by $ 814 billion in just two months. It should be noted that policymakers certainly do not care […]

Unicorn SchiffGold | James Alexander Michie

The situation of the unicorn has been presented, in which an undoubted explosion of the bubble has occurred. Thus, it has been expressed that unicorns are dying. Certainly, the markets seemed to really wake up to the difficult situation of the unicorn when WeWork aborted its long-awaited IPO, but the […]