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Ideologues react hysterically to the Trump administration’s suggested reforms to campus-rape tribunals.

Last week, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos published a proposed federal standard. It aims to correct the worst procedural abuses of the campus violation courts. It seems that it resembles the judicial precedent and is fair to all parties. However, the feminist establishment has reacted with hysteria. Consequently, it has characterized the draft regulation as an assault on “survivors” of sexual assault.

However, maintaining the myth of rape on campus, it seems, is incompatible with due process. In fact, it has been said that if feminism itself is compatible with the values of the Enlightenment it seems to be increasingly doubtful.


Opposition to Kavanaugh’s nomination was based on the principle that “survivors” who profess themselves must be believed and that accused men must be condemned, regardless of the paucity of evidence against them.

It is important to mention the deficiencies in the violation procedures on campus have become increasingly widespread. Likewise, colleges routinely deny defendants the opportunity to review all evidence. In fact, they do not provide an impartial decision. In the same way, they ignore the presumption of innocence. In addition to this, the accused does not have the assistance of a lawyer.

Now, the regulation proposed by the Department of Education tries to put an end to these abuses. Ironically, in an administration regularly charged with ignoring the law, the DOE has carefully followed the legal framework to enact new federal rules.

Meanwhile, it is known that any interrogation is “likely to endanger the rights and safety of surviving students”. This was announced by the Center for American Progress. In fact, the senior legal counsel at the Victims’ Rights Law Center explained to the Chronicle of Higher Education that “rape has to do with power and control and not with sexual desire”.

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Source: Heather Mac Donald | City Journal

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