Gen Z Will Be the Ultimate Pot Consumers

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Illustration: Kurt Woerpel

Generation Z, also known by other names, is the demographic cohort after the Millennials. Demographers and researchers often use the birth principle from the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s. There is little consensus regarding the end of the years of birth. The majority of Generation Z has used the Internet from an early age and is comfortable with technology and social networks.

Now, with that clear, America’s Generation Z is maturing in a whole new world of weeds.

In fact, this great cohort, which already has a great spending power as the most advanced age in high school and college, is formulating its consumption habits at a time when the muscles of marijuana enter the mainstream. It is necessary to emphasize that unlike their parents of Gen X or Boomer, Gen Z buyers have only known a time when cannabis is leaning towards acceptance. Thus, it must be added that California voted to legalize medical use in 1996, a year before even the oldest Gen Z consumers were born.

A world where cannabis is completely normal

A relevant fact is that corporate America is taking note. Since in addition to marijuana companies in Canada, where the boat is now legal throughout the nation, there are a handful of so-called multi-state operators in the United States that are now among the most valuable cannabis companies in the world. In this way, they are opening stores and farming facilities throughout the country in a race to develop national weed brands.

Many have been interested in the subject. As well as the food and beverage packaging companies, which are studying the industry, trying to discover how to market their products for this group of consumers of recent relevance. They are also reflecting on how cannabis could work as an ingredient, since the companies of Coca-Cola Co. and Kagup Brands Inc., owner of Hunt’s ketchup, are studying CBD, a compound that does not make you feel good.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that it is not only the Gen Z that increasingly covers cannabis. Since, in the last 20 years, the percentage of Americans who support legalization has doubled, and more than 60 percent now have access to some kind of legal weed, with medical programs that even appear in more conservative states like Utah and Oklahoma.

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Source: Craig Giammona | Bloomberg

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