Green rift opens over federal party’s stance on Alberta’s oilsands

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The Green Party of Canada is a federal political party in Canada that was founded in 1983. Since its founding, the party has supported policies that strengthen environmental protection and participatory democracy. The party gradually increased its support over the decades. In 2006, Elizabeth May became the leader of the party. She was elected as her first member of Parliament (MP) in the 2011 general election representing Saanich’s horseback riding, Gulf Islands.

Now, it has been said that a significant green fault has been opened, referring to the position of the federal party on the tar sands of Alberta.

It is considered that, the opening of the federal Green Party to continued activity in the oil sands of Alberta has created a break with some supporters, including party leaders in two provinces, who want to quickly close the industry employing tens of thousands of people and is likewise responsible for a large part of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Change of platform

Thus, it is important to say that the leader of the Green Party of Quebec, Alex Tyrrell, heads the dissidence and asks the federal Greens to change their environmental platform before the national elections of October 21. Likewise, it is appropriate to point out that by means of an interview on Wednesday, Tyrrell accused the federal green leader Elizabeth May of being too soft with the threads because the platform of her party would allow the industry to continue operating for the next decades.

Likewise, Tyrrell said he agrees with the “90 percent” of the proposals in the plan, but even so, he is concerned about this aspect of the green platform that argued that it is not synchronized with the more ardent side of the movement. environmental and that will discourage some voters Supporting the federal party.

Thus, it is important to say that two weeks ago, he launched a website in May to change the platform and support the “fast closing” of the oil sands within the first term of a green government, while he invested heavily to support the 140,000 people working in the industry. That being the case, the site includes a list of Green members who support his call, including Saskatchewan Green Leader, Shawn Setyo, and several candidates current and prior to Green’s election.

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Source: Alex Ballingall | The Star

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