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Canadians on track to spend almost $6B on pot this year — most of it the illegal variety

Canadians have increased their spending on pot so that they are on track to spend almost $ 6 billion during this year, it is important to note that most of them are of the illegal variety.

Statistics Canada has made several calculations which indicate that the price has dropped to $ 6.74 per gram. In addition, they claim that the use of cannabis for medical use has been influenced by an increase in the use of the same since it has tripled since mid-2016.

In addition to this, it is necessary to highlight that it seems that the costs of the drug have been affected by a fall. Around the nation users spent an average of $ 6.74 per gram in pot during the second quarter period, that figure has decreased by more than 10% during the last two years according to calculations.

In the same way, Statistics Canada has given an estimate of how much the Canadians spent last year and the figure of $ 5.7 for marijuana has been estimated. Another point that must be highlighted is that the majority of expenses in marijuana in Canada are illegal d variety but nevertheless those of legal use of medical marijuana is increasing.

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