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The Final Myth Standing in the Way of Youth Hockey

Author: James Alexander Michie

There is a deep analysis regarding the minor hockey system in North America and it is given by Brad Hamacher. Due to the same arises an unknown and is what are you going to do this season to create a positive experience inside and outside the ice?

For many what really matters is winning, therefore both parents and players consider it important to shorten the bank and limit the playing time for the bottom 2 D and the bottom 3 F. It is also necessary to clarify that they are not allowed in any way errors or else whoever commits them will go to heat the bench. An error can have such a significant cost that it can be transformed into the loss of a game.

Likewise, many coaches say they hate losing more than they like, which sometimes leads them to make mistakes by doing things wrong with players and teams. In the same way, the coaches have a very important role and a great responsibility to develop all the players and so many players are part of their programs or my teams, in fact, both the players and their families entrust their hockey plan and their love for the game.

Now, Vegas Golden Knights head coach Gerard Gallant has said “It’s a game of mistakes. You’re not going to be perfect every time you’re on the ice, and then when they happen, you forget about them and you move on. You can go over that game (referring to game 3 of the WCF) and there’s one player on the ice who did not make mistakes last night. Like I said, they’ll come up with their mistakes but they do not have to. That’s part of our game. You make mistakes, you move on, you play the next shift and you hope you make some good plays. Those guys are accountable guys and they work hard and they do not get to apologize to me. They just got to go out and play their game and get better every shift they can do. But, again, I’m not holding my players accountable for making mistakes. You get out there and if you worry about making mistakes, you’re not going to play a good game. I want you going out there and thinking you’re gonna make the good plays and do the right things on the ice. ”

Due to the expressed by Gallant, has attracted good comments since many call it something fantastic while cataloging this game as “modern”, which rose to fame in the World Cup Hockey 2016 with Team North America.

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Source: Brad Hamacher | The Coaches Site

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