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Maxime Bernier James Alexander Michie

Conservative MP Maxime Bernier participates in an interview with The Canadian Press in his office on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Justin Tang

Author: James Alexander Michie

Maxime Bernier, who is a conservative parliamentarian, considers himself the only politician in Ottawa who is willing to support the United States with respect to free trade.

He emphasizes that it is not his task to establish or reach agreements with NAFTA together with Donald Trump but still emphasizes what is a pity for him to be the only one who wants to place the task of supply on the table of an agreement.

Likewise, he felt compelled to speak and told The Canadian Press, that all political parties in Ottawa are steadfast in maintaining a system that Trump wants to eliminate and that in turn intransigence prevents Canada from reaching an agreement.

Similarly, he claims to be the only politician willing to support real free trade with the United States as well as being the only one who maintains a stance against a trade war with the United States and also being the only one who wants to be sure of getting a better economic wellbeing for Canada, while giving his point of view and suggests that the conservatives should not support the government in its growing trade war the U.S.

On the other hand, he states that his role is to do everything possible to try to convince the government besides his party and the Ottawa politicians that the position they are now taking is the wrong one and that definitely is not the way. Meanwhile, he emphasizes that he finds no reason for his party to support a “socialist policy” and that instead, they should simply convince the government, but that is not the case, which for him is really sad.

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