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Oregon, Washington, British Columbia All On Board Bullet Train Business Case Study

Author: James Alexander Michie

A business case study of a bullet train between Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver is now underway, which is not expected, as the state of Oregon and Microsoft Corporation join in providing a “case analysis” business “that was originally launched by Washington and British Columbia, with an emphasis on Oregon and Microsoft Corporation and how much they contributed, it should be noted that the amount of money was $ 200,000 from Oregon and $ 300,000 from Microsoft art which started as a study led by consultants for $ 1 million using $ 750,000 that was likewise approved by the Washington Legislature and CA $ 300,000 committed by British Columbia.

It also ensures that the new study, the predicted high-speed train could become a public-private partnership, whether it is a real estate move or operations, this could become an opportunity for the private sector to get involved and in the same way get involved, in addition to this it is important to highlight that through it could be attracted latently a base of investors who likewise help take this to the next level.

If it were to reach the next level, the “ultra-high speed” rail service could significantly reduce travel times from Seattle to Portland or Vancouver, BC, reaching those destinations and routes at an hour below the three hours currently spent in a car. Soon, a case analysis based on a feasibility study conducted by an unequal adviser for the state of Washington in December will be carried out, however, neither the states nor the province has pronounced themselves claiming to entangle in building a train of high speed right now.

On the other hand, the first study obtained that the railway or diligent tube to access travel speeds of 250 miles per hour, would demand a formidable amount of tunnels and depending on how many the authors of the study gave an approximate cost of $ 24 million and $ 42 million.

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