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Trump's inefficiency revolution: Don Pittis

Author: James Alexander Michie

The economy of the United States increases at a growth rate of 4.1% during the second quarter of the year, which causes some satisfaction in President Donald Trump who in his opinion is accomplishing his task through the measures and plans applied by the same in how much your nation’s economy is concerned

Also, Trump said “I am very happy to announce that the second quarter of this year, the US economy. UU it grew at an incredible 4.1%, “he said, because commercial agreements come one by one, it will go far beyond those numbers.

Similarly, it should be noted that the economic growth that has been seen is due to tax cuts, public spending, and high debt, in addition to the low interest rates that encourage the economy in a significant way, and can be considered as taking borrowed from the future but that in turn could generate such short-term results, in fact, it is said that Trump is launching a “Revolution of inefficiency” if he is trying, which is not a trend of liking for those traditional economists since they really consider that free trade is more efficient since it is also better for everyone.

It is considered that the approach of Donald Trump is popular politically, but in turn, nobody believes that it is efficient.

On the other hand, when talking about the economy it is understood that the principles of efficiency are well established, but according to experts in the area the model of the same seems to be broken as the figures show that the vast majority of the world’s heritage is not due to the model of efficiency, actually it is due to something else.

The workers who are affected by losing their jobs due to efficiency, since they do not find better jobs. In the same way, possible solutions have arisen, governmental schemes of work to order to guarantee employment and in turn, replace those that have been lost as well as basic income to increase those that are not enough.

However, these solutions really could not be classified as efficient since it would be necessary for governments to intercede and use taxes to redistribute capital, and such solutions do not become as inefficient as Donald Trump’s plan.

Take a read: https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/economic-efficiency-backlash-1.4762498

Source: Don Pittis | CBC News


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