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Why the explosive debate over asylum seekers could define the next federal election | Macleans.ca

Author: James Alexander Michie

A new survey emerges which shows that most Canadians consider that their current priority is to protect the border and not to help immigrants since for that reason the nation should not take more refugees. The lack of space in the refuges located in Toronto has also been seen due to an increase in the demand for refugees, creating a trend of concern so much so that the Mayor of Orangeville Jeremy Williams did not hesitate to express his concerns, among which he highlighted that your city does not have enough space for those people who crossed the border who arrived in Quebec as a result of the border law between Canada and the USA. In the meantime, the mayor of Markham, Frank Scarpitti, while trying to establish a conversation with several counterparts regarding the accommodation of asylum seekers, was surrounded by a protest in which the citizens were not in agreement with the accommodation of immigrants since one of their messages was “Not in my backyard” and coupled with this there was another protest in the center of Toronto in Queen’s Park which was more consistent.

Meanwhile, the liberals call this a true “challenge”, but for two-thirds of Canadians this has become a real crisis and similarly they consider that conservative leader Andrew Scheer would give a better solution to this problem than Justin Trudeau.

Although Ottawa has received support to receive more than 50,000 Syrians due to both governmental and private sponsorship programs, they are not cordially received. In fact, when they are received, they have a hard welcome especially when their arrival is so visible to the public.

This situation could undoubtedly significantly affect the upcoming federal elections, since it has been described by the citizens as a problem, a challenge, and even a crisis, and it has also attracted a series of protests in itself. which of course has made clear the opinion, the displeasure and the concerns of the community. The aforementioned situation has been of such magnitude that it has positioned itself as one of the main reasons why Canadians want the Liberals to rise, in fact, according to a recent survey shows that Liberals and Conservatives are virtually tied and that same one of 57% of respondents want a change.

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Source: Jason Markusoff | macleans.ca


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