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Ford James Alexander Michie

FORD: Priority lies in ending Toronto's council gridlock

Author: James Alexander Michie

The Council of Toronto is stagnant and as a result, the city has been paralyzed by so much inefficiency, in fact, the debates that take place in the same Council are maintained for long days and without any result since decisions are never taken with the various problems.

In an article in which the Prime Minister of Ontario, Doug Ford, expresses his dissatisfaction with the Council of Toronto and likewise says that the Council itself is completely dysfunctional and the task of ending the impasse is transformed as a priority. presents the same.

Ford has said, “I was elected to that change, reducing the size and cost of government and getting transit, housing and infrastructure built.” And 2.3 million Ontario voters agreed with our plan, “he added” Getting those shovels in the ground will require more than just fancy speeches. It will require a partner at City Hall that is actually able to back up with actual action. ”

Among some of the annoyances of Ford, is that regardless of who assumes the power to establish himself as mayor, repeatedly continues to observe that transit, infrastructure, and housing simply cannot be built.

Ford says that the Better Local Government Act introduced by the government in July has resulted in the reduction of the size of Toronto City Council to finally end the bottleneck that paralyzes the city. In the same way, it declares that said law would have taken $ 25 million that will currently be allocated to politicians, thus allowing this money to be spent on those priorities of Toronto families.

Similarly Ford has expressed that the government won a mandate from the people and therefore fight to ensure that they ensure that attention to the will of the people, who will be in the task of deciding if they have succeeded in building things It is also the same people who establish themselves as the highest judge of our government when they seek re-election within four years.

Take a read: https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/ford-priority-lies-in-ending-toronto-councils-gridlock

Source: Doug Ford | Toronto Sun

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