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The Secret To Great Leadership? Stop Being Fair | James Alexander Michie

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Bill Erickson for more than forty years has been given the task of studying great companies as well as great leaders, now he shares his best wisdom views for first-time managers as well as veterans.

Erickson gives a recommendation for first-time managers a not very conventional, in a single word his recommendation is “individualize”, stating that many people underestimate the differences in human beings, taking something as simple as recognition which for some does not work, what is because they have never been recognized in a way that seems to them, since everyone is different, some people crave a crowd and a great ovation while for others it would be really embarrassing, likewise there are people who have a wall full of trophies and recognition for which they always want to show off while there are those who, on the contrary, when they receive plaques and recognitions, hide them where they can never see the light of day, leaving them in complete oblivion.

Likewise, responding to whether managers should individualize beyond recognition, Erickson considers that everyone is different and in the same way how each person defines growth, claiming that some want to be the best in one thing while others need to learn something different. , some consider that this is a thing of greater responsibility, of gaining trust, each one defines growth in a million different ways and on the part of managers always assume that everyone wants to get their job, which is really not true.

On the other hand, Bill Erickson believes that in addition to individualizing, employees should be taken into account by talking to them, but more importantly, by listening to them. On the other hand, when talking about good leadership size does not work for everyone, it is crucial to know the members that are part of your team as individuals as well as having the ability to trust them to make wise decisions.

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