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3 Questions That Turn Losing into Learning | James Alexander Michie

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Karch Kiraly, Olympic medalist and current coach of the US Women’s Volleyball team asked a series of questions to her team as they prepared for the 2014 World Championship, in addition to their parents, one of the questions that arose was whether they wanted to win each of the games they played in their lives.

The answer turned out to be no, claiming that winning is excellent and full of satisfaction to those who obtain such a deserved achievement, however, it is necessary to lose being challenged and sometimes possibly overcome since in that way the young athletes get a great learning, not It would be good if young people played all the time against easy-to-beat opponents or in simple tournaments because in this way they would tend to get bored and could even give up practicing or dedicating themselves to the sport of their choice.

Basically no one wants to win each of the meetings in which they dispute the victory, everyone wants to be challenged and on the one hand it is good to lose, since many of the young people understand that it is completely normal, of humans and that it is also part of the process and the experience, but on the other hand many parents get angry with their children because they lose a meeting, like some coaches that even allow some of the athletes to participate in the meetings for fear of losing and many times It is observed that they resort to physical punishment for young athletes, as well as doing push-ups or running.

Kiraly considers and suggests to the coaches that there are better ways for young people to improve instead of shouting or punishing them, however, many of them base their methods on the fact that life is hard and that this way they will be prepared for the world real, but likewise Kiraly defends his ideas, sports are an excellent way to teach athletes to face the various challenging situations that arise in their lives, addressing them and in turn providing a strong sense of self-confidence.

Losing is part of sports and there is always something to work on, often when you win you underestimate what is necessary to make a bigger effort, while when you lose that emphasis is emphasized, you need to recognize the things that They still need extra work, as well as those that are good.

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