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Mar 29, 2018; Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN; Vancouver Canucks forward Adam Gaudette (88) awaits the start of play against the Edmonton Oilers during the first period at Rogers Arena. Mandatory Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Author: James Alexander Michie

Adam Gaudette is a front prospect for the Vancouver Canucks, he comes from a working family that has worked hard all his life to maintain what has been an inspiration for the player who says that seeing his parents work so hard has driven him so much as to do extra things inside and outside the ice, which has given her a work ethic that is admired.

Thanks to the fact that the staff of Canucks has seen Gaudette for years, it is considered a revelation for the hockey world since he stood out last season helping to win Northeastern University the Beanpot, which is a tournament that presents the four main college hockey programs in Boston, likewise he won the Hobey Barker Prize positioning himself as the best player in Division I of the NCAA with 60 points in 38 games, in addition to this he signed an entry-level contract with Vancouver and made his debut in the NHL after three days.

Advancing to the NHL for Adam Gaudette was certainly not certain, in fact, his family did not expect him to achieve his goal since they did not attend that project in Sunrise, Florida. Despite this, Ryan Johnson who is the director of player development at Canucks, from the moment he first saw Gaudette, observed constant improvement, despite the fact that in his first year at Northeastern he was not a luxury player or highly qualified in his junior year. In addition, Johnson noted that Gaudette slowly progressed but still reached a high level becoming a terrifying player for his rivals, the way he tackles things, how he works, how he competes, his skill, his sense of hockey becomes an implacable combination that undoubtedly is dangerous for those who face it. Emphasizing how the young player works and improves, Johnson says he is excited to continue seeing what the player can achieve and considers that the best version of Adam will take place in September.

In the same way, the Canucks saw something in it, possibly the work ethic coming from their parents. Gaudette showed commitment and that he could improve more and more with dedication and effort, in fact, his mother remembers that he was so determined to improve his movements and his game that at the age of 15 he would take the ice to work the skill with 10 years of age. The same way he says that anything he could do to improve his game without hesitation he would do it and that’s how it was.

On the other hand, Gaudette says he is that kind of person who is despised and who usually does not get anywhere, but that has motivated him, even though people always doubt him at all levels, but he is willing to show that they are wrong about the position that continuously tries to move forward and have a better performance in everything that is proposed.

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