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Author: James Alexander Michie

Nowadays the Canadian foreign policy idea to obtain objectives for anything realistic, that they focus in the image and the marketing, and intervenes inefficiently in all parts being thus a waste of the capital of the contributors.

It is possible to have a foreign policy fully grouped in the central objectives of protecting the safety and prosperity of Canadians, in which resources are not wasted in symbolic gestures that have no effect on the life of the average citizen of Canada. They care to attend world conferences in fashion cities and be photographed in the company of important foreign leaders. They worry about prestige and glamor, about the representation of Canada on the international scene, in parts of the globe where we have almost no interest.

The foreign policy of the Trudeau government is a sample of this type of policy disconnected from the interests of Canadians. It is based on the same principles as its economic policy: the more the government intervenes, the more money it spends, the more structures and programs it creates, the more publicity it gets, the better.

It has also been said that this government will not only make us poorer by overburdening our economy with a carbon tax and more expensive regulations. It will make us even poorer by sending billions of dollars to other countries for the same purpose. This is in addition to the billions of dollars a year that Canadian taxpayers send to several countries in development assistance, a budget that liberals promised to increase.

In matters of security, the Trudeau government decided last year to reduce our military involvement with our allies against the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. However, the fight against radical Islamic terrorists is directly related to the safety of Canadians. Meanwhile, the government reported last summer that it would send 600 Canadian troops and spend $ 500 million on a peacekeeping mission in Africa.

On the other hand, it is necessary for the Canadian government to continue working closely with our allies to guarantee peace and security, especially against radical Islamic terrorism. Only get involved in external conflicts when there is a real strategic interest in doing so and when the safety of Canadians is directly affected.

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