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James Alexander Michie

Author: James Alexander Michie

As is understandable and of course logical, not all people think the same with respect to various issues and politics is not the exception, there are those who do not agree with the policy that has been established in Canada and likewise have a view very different with respect to others.

There is a political tendency in Canada which is led by “The Conservatives” and in an article one of its followers and that also makes part of them makes statements regarding the policies implemented in Canada in addition to giving their view as conservative. In the aforementioned article, it is emphasized that the real responsible for various problems that have arisen in the nation are a consequence of the measures and acts carried out by the government and in the same way he calls it an unjust government.

Seeing politics through the eyes of a conservative and his criteria, the article reads “Obviously, it is very important to defend the values of individual freedom and responsibility, the principles of small government and free markets.” It is also pointed out that “Defending these principles is not enough. Today I want to argue that, to ensure their success and our success, we must make them inseparable from the idea of equity. ”

It is also brought up that many of the Canadians are not happy because they see injustice wherever they see it. In fact, among your thoughts, there is a nuisance which is the power that big business have besides considering that your region or province does not receive its fair share. However, before the eyes of a conservative are wrong when looking for a culprit and find the same as the rich and capitalism, since while supporting the Liberal Party and the PND that ensure to solve the problems with more intervention by the government, the only and true culprit of all is “The great government”. Likewise, the issue of government subsidies to companies is incorporated, which has received strong criticism and has been called inefficient.

In the same way, it is affirmed that in order to guarantee that the future is conservative, it is necessary to defend constantly, openly, passionately and with conviction the principles to which the conservatives remain faithful.

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