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3 Canadian cities make top 10 on global ranking of most livable cities

Author: James Alexander Michie

The Economist Intelligence Unit has classified the most livable cities in the world and has also made a top 10 in which Canada has managed to position three of its cities, which are Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto, as well as within the same top has positioned Vienna in the first place dethroning the perennial Melbourne which was favorite for the first position while Calgary was positioned in fourth place, Vancouver in the sixth and Toronto in the seventh.

Likewise, to carry out said top 10, an exhaustive research is carried out in which each year 140 cities are qualified and they obtain a qualification based on 30 factors that in the end are reduced to only five categories among which is it so:

  • Stability, which is considered from local rates of crime, terrorism and military disturbances in the same way.
  • The quality of medical care.
  • The local culture and the environment, which embarks from the weather to the restaurants located in that town.
  • The quality in terms of education.
  • The quality of the infrastructure, which also takes into account the electricity and telecommunications networks.

An important and necessary fact to mention is that Melbourne was favorite to position itself in the first place because during seven consecutive years it remained in the same until this year that was dethroned by Vienna that had a perfect score except one of the categories evaluated which was culture and environment in which it received a score of 96.3 out of 100.

Now referring to Canada, Calgary obtained a perfect score in almost all categories except culture and environment (90/100). Vancouver achieved a perfect score in 3 of the categories while it could not do so with the remaining two categories which were stability (95/100) and infrastructure (92.9 / 100). Finally, Toronto obtained in three categories a perfect score, however in two categories, which were infrastructure (89.3 / 100) and culture and environment (97.2 / 100).

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