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The World’s Leading Electric-Car Visionary Isn’t Elon Musk

Author: James Alexander Michie

After that, during a time in its beginnings was involved in the hype and false starts, electric vehicles are on track to represent a key and significant part in the automotive industry. On the other hand, it is estimated that during this year, China’s production of NEVs will reach 1 million vehicles, an increase of 26 percent over last year. Meanwhile, both the United Kingdom, France, and India propose the prohibition of vehicles propelled by internal combustion engines.

It is necessary to mention that some time ago, Wan Gang convinced the State Council of China to project its vast power behind the risky and unproven technology of electric cars. He advocated using government money, including subsidies, to help create a world champion industry that would overtake Western automakers. In fact, Levi Tillemann, who is a former adviser to the US Department of Energy. UU and he is also the author of “The great race: the global search for the automobile of the future”, he expressed about Gang “He is the father of the Chinese electric vehicle industry”, he added “Without Wan Gang, it is unlikely that China would have pushed to overcome the West, that was their great idea. ”

Now, there are those who consider that Elon Musk is the main visionary of electric cars in the world, no doubt he made a name promoting new energy vehicles, but when the history of the electric car is finally written, Gang could be established as the largest. Likewise, it is necessary to highlight that Chinese drivers buy one out of every two electric vehicles sold, and the global automotive industry is turning to adapt.

On the other hand, NEVs account for approximately 1 in every 20 passenger cars bought in China, and there is also the possibility that they will increase due to state incentives. Meanwhile, the government contributes to this because it has been given the task of building a vast network of charging stations and consumers of strong weapons to buy electric vehicles, making them the only sure way to obtain a license plate in large cities. Similarly, it is established that, from next year, all car manufacturers that want to operate in China must meet the production goals of battery-powered vehicles or buy credits from rivals.

Undoubtedly, Gang is achieving its vision for many years and Chamberlain also expressed on the subject “Whether Ford or General Motors or VW or Hyundai or Toyota, if they want to participate in the Chinese market they must have electric vehicles.”

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