Jensen Huang interview: Why AI is the single most powerful force of our time


Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, at GPU Tech event. Dean Takahashi

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang proudly proclaimed on an analyst earnings call this week that artificial intelligence is the “single most powerful force of our time.”

Nvidia reported Q2 earnings and revenues that beat analysts’ expectations as demand for graphics and artificial intelligence chips picked up. After the earnings call, I interviewed Huang about the company’s progress.

During the analyst call, he said there are more than 4,000 AI startups working with the company — as compared to 2,000 AI startups in April 2017. In our interview, Huang said the actual number of AI startups Nvidia is tracking is closer to 4,500.

He said gaming is driving sales for now, but AI will pick up in various waves over time. Ultimately, the $100 trillion transportation industry will be transformed by AI via autonomous vehicles. Nvidia is working with companies like Volvo on development projects that could ultimately generate a lot of revenue.

“The work we are doing is important, impactful, and incredibly fun,” Huang said. “We’re just grateful there is so much of it.”

Read an edited transcript of the interview.

Source: Dean Takahashi | VentureBeat

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