MARIN: Canada’s reputation hurt by Trudeau’s lecturing and finger-wagging

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responds to a question during Question Period in the House of Commons Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2018 in Ottawa.Adrian Wyld / THE CANADIAN PRESS

Canada’s reputation is affected by Trudeau’s conferences and actions. It should be noted that after Trudeau was victorious in the elections of the prime minister he boldly said “the back of Canada”, implying that a decade of Stephen Harper meant that Canadians were lost.

In fact, his words were, “Many of you are concerned that Canada has lost its compassionate and constructive voice in the world for the past 10 years. Well, I have a simple message: on behalf of 35 million Canadians, we are back. “

However, it seems that this has not been the case and in fact, many prefer the Canada of before.

What Trudeau has achieved

After Trudeau emerged victorious from the presidential elections and boldly said “the back of Canada,” implying that a decade of Stephen Harper meant that Canadians were lost, he has only succeeded in missing Canada from before. And is that based on everything he has achieved, Canada is not back and it was not.

Being that Canada’s relationship with other nations has undoubtedly been really disastrous.

An example of this After meeting with President Donald Trump of the USA. UU., Trudeau was offensive and flattering to Trump in every opportunity he had, even with the participation of Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, in his effort for gender ideological problems. The appearance of good will went south in June 2018 at the G7 meeting in Charlesvoix, where Trudeau, once Trump left the top, held a press conference to show how tough it was with Trump. He said: “Canadians are educated, we are reasonable, but we will not be pressured either.”

Another example is related to Canada and India. Where Trudeau was deceived when appearing with his family in exaggerated Indian costumes. And he started on the wrong foot with an obvious rebuff from Prime Minister Narendi Modi. India did not appreciate that Trudeau participated in a Sikh event in Toronto in May, in search of the Sikh homeland of Khalistan.

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia. Where the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland, called for the release of social activists arrested in Saudi Arabia, calling for the “immediate” release of Samar Badawi who had ties to Canada. Since Saudi Arabia does not like to be told what to do, they took action and expelled the ambassador from Canada and suspended all business and trade between the two countries.

The most recent has been the discussion with China, which led to the dismissal of Ambassador John McCallum. Similarly, we should not forget the arrest of the Huawei executive, Meng Wangzhou, in compliance with an extradition treaty with the United States. Which resulted in the Chinese arbitrarily arresting two Canadians and re-judging another who increased his sentence to the death penalty.

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Source: Andre Marin | Toronto Sun

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