Maxime Bernier could be established as a political force

Independent MP Maxime Bernier James Alexander Michie

Independent MP Maxime Bernier speaks with reporters before Question Period on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Wednesday, Oct. 3. (ADRIAN WYLD / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

The rising People’s Party of Canada by Maxime Bernier threatens to be a serious candidate for the right-wing vote. It should be noted that Bernier is not always treated with the seriousness he should receive. His libertarian opinions put him on the edge of the political spectrum.

Likewise, when he left the Conservatives this year to form his own party, it was expected that Bernier would simply disappear into the political desert. But that has not been the case since until now Bernier is very much alive. He spoke at an enthusiastic political rally in Vancouver on Thursday and another Friday in Calgary.

Likewise, he is scheduled to take his far-right message to the heart of Etobicoke of Conservative Prime Minister Doug Ford on Wednesday.

For his part, Bernier has assured that his Popular Party has enrolled more than 30,000 members. In fact, he promises to present candidates in all elections for the federal elections next October and may well do so.

It is said that it really could be established as a political force. Being that there was not a big gap to defeat Scheer in the conservative leadership contest last year. Likewise, Bernier still maintains support in his previous match.

Bernier and his possible positions

It should be noted that as a libertarian, it would eliminate the government from the business of business. Being its favorite reason is the management of supplies in the dairy and poultry industries. Even so, his libertarianism would not extend to immigration. In addition, it is said that Bernier would reduce the number of immigrants allowed in Canada and would require newcomers to adhere to what he calls Canadian values.

Now, referring to the issue of climate change, Bernier would take a strictly non-intervention approach. While on the other hand, the Trudeau Liberals are proceeding with their plans for a carbon tax. Scheer’s conservatives say they would do something but they will not say what.

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Source: Thomas Walkom | The Star

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