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People's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier talks about feminism, the environment and building his fledgling party with Power & Politics host Vassy Kapelos (CBC)

Maxime Bernier has expressed that he does not see himself as a feminist, in fact, the former candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party also argues that policies aimed at increasing the representation of women in the workplace and in politics act as a form of discrimination. In the same way, it considers that policies aimed at gender parity are “a type of discrimination”.

While, on the other hand, the three main leaders of the party of Canada have declared themselves feminists, however, Bernier affirmed that he does not like the term due to his association with left politics.

“I’m not focusing on you because you’re part of a faith, or because you’re a lady, or because you’re a man, [but] because you’re Canadian”, he said. “I will not say I’ll have 50 percent men, 50 percent of women, but the proportion should be around that” and likewise added “If you choose someone who does not have competition, but because he is a young boy, or is a lady or if he is a man, it is a positive discrimination and I will not press that”.

At the same time, Bernier affirmed that he will not commit to appointing a cabinet with gender balance if he becomes prime minister, but also affirmed that he expects many women to run for his party and participate in a future cabinet. Similarly, Bernier said he would not institute a national emissions target and objected that the federal government should play a smaller role in the fight against climate change, leaving the provinces and private companies to find a solution.

Bernier regarding other issues

On the other hand, Bernier insists that he believes in climate change, since he still wonders if the problem is caused by man. He also said, “The most important thing is that climate change is there and we, civilization, we the private sector can do something”.

It is already well known that Bernier is working to create his own party which he said has a central office and five full-time employees. In spite of this, the leader will not disclose the names of the members of his team until it is officially approved by Elections Canada.

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Source: Tyler Buist, Vassy Kapelos | CBC News

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