Meng Wanzhou, the executive who could be extradited

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Huawei Meng Wanzhou James Alexander Michie

Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou leaves her home with a security guard in Vancouver the day after she was released on $10 million bail. (Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press)

Meng Wanzhou also was known as Sabrina Meng and Cathy Meng, is a Chinese business executive. She lives in Shenzhen, China and is vice president of the board and CFO of China’s largest private company. The telecommunications giant Huawei, founded by his father Ren Zhengfei in 1987.

One important fact to note is that according to US attorneys, Meng’s father is the 83rd richest person in the world. Its net worth is the US $ 3.2 billion.

Likewise, it is necessary to mention that Meng has a master’s degree and has worked for the company since 1993, in positions that include director of international accounting, financial director of Huawei Hong Kong and chairman of the accounting management department. But currently, she is the Financial Director of Huawei and Vice President of the Board.

As for his personal life, Meng has four children from 10 to 20 years old. Her three children are from previous marriages and she has a daughter with her current husband, Liu Xiaozong, who is also known as Carlos.

Meng was arrested

On December 1, 2018, Meng was arrested in Canada at the request of the United States for allegedly defrauding multiple financial institutions. Likewise, the case of Meng has attracted various international media since it has a combination of money, power, and intrigue. Therefore, when she was arrested, she ignited a storm of interest that saw media around the world descend to Vancouver.

It is necessary to mention that Meng is on bail, but could be in a legal limbo for years. In fact, the status of Huawei CFO’s husband was questioned while trying to pay bail for a wealthy wife.

For their part, Crown’s attorneys have established Huawei as the world’s largest telecommunications company. Since the firm employs 180,000 people in more than 170 countries and regions around the world, including more than 700 people in Canada.

Despite this, security experts have warned Canada about doing business with Huawei. This in itself has generated concern about the close relationship between the company and the Chinese government.

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Source: Jason Proctor | CBC News

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