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Colombia is a really great country. In fact, it is naturally beautiful, incredibly cheap and full of interesting opportunities. It should be noted that it has recently emerged from decades of civil war. And reconstruction efforts will have a profound impact on the economy, especially with the national infrastructure. Despite […]

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Just as the world has changed and reinvented itself for good or bad, journalism has kept pace with it. However, today’s journalists are not “guardians of the truth”. And is that journalism today has abandoned any attempt to be objective. Apparently, Time magazine is wrong. And is that it continues […]


Canadians are testing what a world with rising interest rates will look like. And there is no doubt that Canadians are not ready for what happens next. For his part, Kirk Marsh, who is a real estate investor, buys houses and condominiums to fix them and then place them for […]

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It is not a novelty that the stock market of the United States has been consumed. Both by volatility and by a downward current during the last months. It could be very unpleasant that this inconvenience is for investors, it is good not to be in the business of financial […]

An electric vehicle is a vehicle powered by one or more electric motors. The traction can be provided by wheels or propellers driven by rotary motors, or in other cases use other types of non-rotating motors, such as linear motors, inertial motors, or applications of magnetism as a source of […]