People’s Party of Canada Loses Federal Election, Bernier Aiming for Better Outcome in Next Election

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The Canadian PPC will not obtain seats in the House of Commons as a result of Monday’s federal elections. However, as mentioned earlier, the leader of the party, Maxime Bernier, has stated that “it is only the beginning”, and aims to obtain better results in the next elections.

There is no doubt that it has been a difficult campaign for Maxime Bernier, a small group of party employees and more than 300 candidates across the country. It is appropriate to remember that Bernier, who is a former senior member of the conservative camp, formed the Popular Party of Canada in 2018 and says he has become the fastest-growing political force in Canada.

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Certainly, Bernier managed to recruit a large number of candidates throughout Canada in a short period of time and is convinced that in the next election the party will grow even more and gain more recognition.

In fact, Bernier accurately stated, “For sure, that’s only the beginning, and we did a lot in one year. I think next time we’ll be more ready. What we achieved in a year — it’s big, but we did not have a lot of time, but in the end, we’ll have two years before the next election”.

The final PPC figures are likely to remain below 2%, which were suggested by the pre-election surveys. However, the party achieved these results in a year, which is rare in Canada, where “old parties,” liberals and conservatives have been dominating national politics for decades.

Thus, it is important to mention that the PPC platform is based on stopping the practice of official multiculturalism, ending Canada’s “open border” policies, cutting taxes and balancing the budget. Bernier’s party has become known for its extensive use of social networks and for being attacked by supporters and leaders of the Conservative Party of Canada.

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Source: Denis Bolotsky | Sputnik International

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