The bad thing about rushing to judge

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Covington Catholic High School James Alexander Michie

An initial video clip of the faceoff involving Covington Catholic High School junior Nick Sandmann, left, and Indigenous protester Nathan Phillips, right, did not tell the whole story. Journalists were too quick to accept a familiar narrative, writes Robyn Urback. (KC Noland/YouTube)

No doubt many people rush to judge. And is that you can not expect that adolescents have correct reactions, while adults do not. When you could say that they clearly understand everything wrong. An example of this is with respect to the confrontation of the school of Covington, being that this should be a wake-up call for the media.

And there is a video that circulated through the media and in fact went viral. This is the video of the confrontation between the students of Covington Catholic High School and the Native Americans. The same should certainly shake all journalists. Many of the people who are supposed to be data searchers, skeptical investigators, accepted the narrative that a group of teenage boys in the MAGA hats catalyzed a confrontation with the Americans of American origin outside the Lincoln Memorial in Washington on Friday, based on a report two minutes

A big mistake

Do not forget that many shared the video. Being that many were wrong as to what really happened there. Rushing to judge, being completely wrong.

As this video began to circulate, initial reports emerged, which implied that the teenagers had harassed Nathan Phillips, the elderly Native American at the center of the video. The narration was repeated again and again, in the sites of legacy newspapers, the main television networks, the new media and social networks. Likewise, the optics of the apparently privileged white boys who clash with an indigenous elder made it easier to classify the event. And as ?, another example of the kind of racism and direct intolerance that some expect from those who wear MAGA hats.

However, the characterization of what happened was not entirely correct. Additional images of the meeting, as well as a later comment by Phillips himself, clarified that it was Phillips who approached the students, not the other way around. They seemed to come closer to him after he had already gone ahead.

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Source: Robyn Urback | CBC News

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