This Company Just Broke The Record For The Most Money Raised On Kickstarter – Over $32.4M


Peak Design had its start during the spring of 2011, when the company’s founder and CEO, Peter Dering launched that tickling (now called Capture) on a budding website called Kickstarter. It worked, and Peak Design was born. Peter designed a clip that allows photographers to place their cameras on any strap, belt or backpack bag.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Peter decided to build his company around the wisdom of the crowd and launch each of his new products through crowdfunding.

Peter began hiring friends, friends of friends and random people he met at concerts. Peak Design has a small office in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco.

His company claims to be leaders in carrying. Since they make products that keep their equipment organized, protected and accessible, so you can venture, travel and create. They also affirm that they pride themselves on creating a true utility through elegant and thoughtful design.

Record over $ 32.4M

Peak Design now has 34 full-time employees, more than 100 products and more than hundreds of people who work full-time to manufacture those products in partner factories.

Also, since 2011, they have raised $ 15M + in the course of 6 Kickstarter projects. In this way, they establish themselves as the most financed active company with collective funds in the world. Through Kickstarter, they have found the most passionate, loyal and direct customers in the world.

Now, this company has just broken the record for the most money raised in Kickstarter, more than $ 32.4M

Peak Design closed its ninth Kickstarter campaign on July 18, 2019, generating $ 12,142,148 from 27,165 sponsors, with an impressive average of $ 447 per sponsor. Once Peak Design complies with these orders, it will be the largest Kickstarter campaign ever executed. To date, the nine Peak Design campaigns have generated $ 32,375,576 from 122,413 non-unique sponsors (some people have backed several campaigns), which makes it the most successful company on Kickstarter.

In addition, they use crowdfunding as a business model.

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Source: John Greathouse | Forbes

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