Those responsible for the massive violation of Marriott according to the New York Times


The New York Times has said that behind the massive violation of Marriott are some Chinese hackers. In fact, it has been said that behind the theft of data belonging to clients of the hotel group owned by Marriott are Chinese hackers working for the Ministry of State Security. The country’s civil espionage agency.

It should be noted that this data breach exposed data from approximately 500 million Starwood hotel customers. It also included health insurers and security clearance files for millions of Americans. Likewise, according to the Times, the Trump administration also plans to declassify the intelligence reports. This in order to reveal the Chinese piracy efforts that go back at least to 2014.

More tension between the United States and China

The latent tension between the United States and China is well known, and the report of times increases this tension. In fact, the Trump administration continues to threaten China with taxes on hundreds of billions of dollars of exports to the United States if countries cannot reach a trade resolution in the coming months. In addition to this, it is necessary to emphasize that the United States is also seeking the extradition of the financial director of the Chinese technology giant Huawei. Likewise, it is necessary to mention that he was arrested in Canada this month. This was due to the request of the US authorities but was released on bail on Tuesday night.

What is a fact is that the violation of the Starwood reservation system is one of the largest in history. Therefore, the company said it is focused on discovering what happened.

Similarly, Marriott presented a statement on Wednesday in which it reads, “Our main objectives in this investigation are to find out what happened and how we can better help our guests”, in addition, “We have no information on the cause of this incident and we have not speculated about the identity of the attacker”.

For its part, Marriott has also admitted what the data breach has brought and is that 327 million people had their names, phone numbers, email addresses, passport numbers, dates of birth and arrival and departure exposed. In addition to this, more than 100 million credit card numbers and expiration dates of other customers’ cards were potentially compromised. Something that is really worrying is the fact that Marriott has made a warning. And it is that it cannot confirm if the hackers could decipher the numbers of the credit cards.

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Source: Chris Isidore | CNN

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