U.S. Stocks Rally Most Since March as Tech Surges: Markets Wrap | Bloomberg

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Author: James Alexander Michie

In more than six months, the actions of the US nation have achieved larger and more significant gains because corporate profits have provided a respite from the tensions that the nation is currently facing with respect to trade and geopolitics.

It has also become known that the S & P 500 index has increased more than 2 percent, the 30 members of the advanced Dow Jones Industrial Average and the small capitalizations in the Russell 2000 Index have achieved the best gain since the day after the elections. of 2016. The Nasdaq Composite registered its highest gain since March, as UnitedHealth Group strengthened healthcare firms and software makers improved Adobe’s forecast.

It should be noted that the technology stocks seemed prepared to extend the gains in the futures session, as the company Netflix managed to recover and likewise achieved a significant increase in net subscribers. Meanwhile, it is also known that IBM fell in the last operations due to the fact that its revenues did not achieve the required objectives.

On the other hand, the contiguous continuous dollar of a minimum of two weeks and likewise the yield of the 10-year Treasury was treated around 3.15 percent, because the data showed that the production of the factory established in the American nation expanded in September.

There are those who have stated with respect to the subject and for its part the director of global macro of Fidelity Investments, Jurrien Timmer has said “The third quarter, which is now underway, would be the first sign if you are looking for a smoking gun for tariffs or the conditions of adjustment “and likewise express” People at this time want to feel relieved or feel that things are not as bad as last week”.

Now, Netflix Inc. has become the first major technology company to communicate after today’s close, while the minutes of the last Fed meeting should provide more clues a day later.

It is necessary to mention that in other places, the pound had an increase when the leaders achieved a wave or vibration of conciliation a day after the Brexit negotiations were broken and likewise the Turkish lira increased after seven consecutive days of gains after the country liberated US pastor Andrew Brunson.

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Source: Randall Jensen and Vildana Hajric | Bloomberg

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