The Truth About Vaccine-induced Myocarditis


As a young male with a platform, it’s my responsibility to give voice to the voiceless. The following essay has been rigorously fact-checked by Stanford medicine professor and infectious disease expert Dr. Most alarmingly, our universal triple-vaccination regime is victimizing more and more young males. And both conservative and liberal media have ignored the problem entirely. Vinay Prasad highlights, if the researchers used more accurate seroprevalence data for viral infection and analyzed the risk in younger males ages 16-24 specifically, the risk-benefit ratio would swing further against the administration of the aforementioned vaccine doses in this population.

The government and medical establishment’s failure to recognize this basic scientific reality has resulted in numerous young males making irreversible medical decisions resulting in cardiac damage with potential long-term implications.

A 17-year-old male after dose 1 of Pfizer

He spent 5 days in a hospital after enduring throbbing chest pains and difficulty breathing post-vaccination.

I personally spoke to him and was devastated by his testimony

«I felt so pressured to take the vaccine. » This 25-year-old man is not part of an exceptionally small minority of vaccine-injured people for whom this side effect could not be anticipated. As has been long established, myocarditis is the most documented adverse reaction from the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. A number of studies have established the risk of myocarditis as highly stratified by age and gender.

A study from Israel found that males aged 16 to 29 faced the greatest risk, with around 11 in 100,000 males developing post-vaccination myocarditis. A pre-print study last year comparing risks of infection versus vaccination found that boys aged 12 to 15 were four to six times more likely to develop myocarditis from the vaccine than become hospitalized with any Covid-related condition. « If the injection accidentally reaches a vein, it could lead to delivery of some of the vaccine to the heart through blood vessels».

«That myocarditis appears to happen more among younger males after vaccination than in other age and sex groups suggests a link to the hormone testosterone, which is usually at high levels in younger males, according to researchers. Bozkurt said, leading to myocarditis in some male adolescents and young men». Public health officials in Norway, the UK, and Hong Kong have acted with commendable prudence, offering only one dose of the vaccine to young people since myocarditis cases are clustered after the second dose. Other countries such as Finland, France, and Germany have advised against administration of the Moderna vaccine in males under the age of 30 because of higher rates of myocarditis compared to the Pfizer vaccine.

As a 20-year-old healthy male myself, who has suffered from minor heart complications in early adolescence , I have decided not to take the vaccine. As a result of my personal health decision informed by my physician, my social and physical well-being has been significantly compromised. The Canadian government has implemented coercive and draconian vaccination policies, limiting the freedoms of the unvaccinated across various parts of society.

In what world is this fair?

Under governmental pressure, public organizations have also stepped up their efforts in mandating vaccination for the young. Unless one is willing to give their child an insufficiently tested booster shot on a likely 6-month basis, such a rationale being used to push child vaccine mandates falls apart under closer scrutiny. Vaccine efficacy against infection significantly drops over time. A study published in The Lancet showed a 55% reduction in vaccine effectiveness against infection five months post-vaccination, a trend which spirals downward over time.

Any public benefit that child vaccination would bring is temporary and short-lived. «The risk of myocarditis from COVID is much higher than the risk of myocarditis from the vaccine in the general population, but in younger cohorts, the best available evidence suggests that’s not true». Unfortunately, medical experts such as Dr. Hart who consider both the costs and benefits of the vaccine have been marginalized by spokespeople of the medical establishment who are bizarrely devoted to vaccinating everyone regardless of their individual risk-benefit proposition. When CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast and was repeatedly asked about myocarditis risk in young males, he responded with the claim that most myocarditis patients experience mild symptoms and recover quickly.

When celebrity physician Dr. « This can have profound consequences.» « are typically told to limit activity for several months, sometimes longer. » In attempts to downplay these real, quantifiable risks, those with the most powerful voices in the medical community perform glaringly disprovable sleight-of-hand distortions of the scientific research on mainstream networks. Sanjay Gupta addressed the public concern of myocarditis for vaccinating teenagers by presenting a study finding infection-induced myocarditis poses a greater risk compared to the vaccine. A cursory reading of the study reveals it is irrelevant to the cost-benefit analysis of vaccinating healthy young males.

The post-vaccination myocarditis rate of 2.7 per 100,000 people is derived from a highly diverse population with a median age of 38 years in the study. The alarming concern is with young males specifically, not the general population. « You’re saying you have about five times greater risk of getting that from Covid than the vaccine.».

Another viral clip of Joe Rogan talking about myocarditis has been exploited by the media to promote their universal vaccination agenda

The study in the article Rogan looks at finding a higher risk of infection-induced myocarditis than from the vaccine is severely flawed. As practicing physician and epidemiologist Tracy Høeg has pointed out, the authors of the study vastly underestimate both the incidence of Covid infections and post-vaccine myocarditis.

Similar to our conversations surrounding climate change, criminal justice, and racism, the topic of vaccination has become painfully tribalized along Manichean lines. Neither the risk of Covid or vaccine side effects is equally distributed across the population. While the general risk is minuscule, the individual risk of vaccine-induced myocarditis in young males between the ages of 18 and 24 is roughly 1 in 2,000 according to a recent study by top infectious disease physician Dr. The implications of this data are devastating if public health authorities continue to encourage, and worse, mandate boosters for young males as is being done at Princeton, NYU, Stanford, UMass Amherst, Dartmouth, and other major American universities. Many in the media and medical establishment rightfully promote vaccination to prevent serious illness or death, but react to any information that delegitimizes or questions the safety and efficacy of vaccination in the slightest with a kind of strict religious opposition.

«Safe and effective» has become a mantra used to shut down opposition to universal vaccination.

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Source: Noble Truths with Rav Arora

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