5 college hockey teams who could make their first Frozen Four in 2019


University hockey has seen 71 years of the Four Frozen, with repeated champions and appearances and debutants in the postseason of 38 different teams.

Now, during this 2019, 5 college hockey teams could make your first Frozen Four. And it is that, due to the last proviso, some predictions have emerged as to which equipment is in a good way to make 16-team tournament support, now same. Therefore, based on the above, it will be about those schools of that group that would participate in the championships of this year in search of his first Frozen Four.

Schools that could achieve their first Frozen Four

There is a certain variety among the schools that are looking for this year their first Frozen Four and that in the same way according to predictions could achieve it In such a way, they are the following:

Massachusetts (Record: 26–8), the Minutemen have been thrown into the this year’s hockey scene, thanks in large part to the development of a solid second-year class that has three of the best scorers in Massachusetts, as well as the outstanding goalkeeper Matt Murray.

State of Minnesota (Record: 29–7–2), it is possible that the state of Minnesota might not be brand-name college hockey, but I do not know you can deny the routine that this team has had throughout the year. The Mavericks have a high production offensive, occupying the third place with 361 team points. The state of Minnesota has almost doubled your goals compared to opponents, maybe just for the larger volume of shot attempts (1153).

West Michigan (Record: 20–13–1), the Broncos had an appearance in short tournaments in 2017, but beyond that, it will have been six seasons since an appearance in the league repetition in the postseason. The Broncos have had an inclination more measured throughout the season, entering progressively and then going up in the classification since December.

State of Arizona (Registration: 21–12–1), The Sun Devils have been competing in the NCAA DI level since 2015. Prior to this current season, the most wins as ASU had against DI schools in one season was eight. That being the case, it

I could say that it is a big problem that the team is where it is now. Arizona State is independent, so there is no record of conference or teams with which to compare.

American International … or Air Force (Force Register Air: 16–13–5), (US International Record: 18–15–1), both of these teams are in an interesting position. If you are not following hockey in each league, you wonder what business Air has force or American International in support of the tournament. but remember, the winner of each conference tournament receives an offer automatic for the NCAA tournament. For our purposes, we are projecting the winner of the conference at this moment in function of the percentage of victories in the conference. And … enter American International.

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Source: Callan Sheridan | NCAA

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