Canada’s real corruption scandal: How Ottawa bungled a flawed OECD code and triggered the SNC crisis

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The OECD's massive and escalating enforcement efforts against western corporations have done little, perhaps even nothing, to reduce bribery and corruption where it matters: the real world.Photo illustration by Gigi Suhanic/National Post

Ottawa confused a defective OECD code what as a result I unleash the SNC crisis. Thus, this is established as the real scandal of corruption in Canada.

If the world were perfect, there would be no room for corruption. The global economy would be a clean area, free of politicians corrupt, bribes from corporations, sordid and sophisticated thieves sellers of influences that move through the economy of the under the world, getting cash from taxpayers, citizens and the shareholders. However, that is not reality, since as it is well known, the world is full of corruption.

The opening words of the convention against bribery of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), ratified by Canada in 1999, describe bribery as “a phenomenon widespread in international commercial transactions, including trade and investment, which poses serious problems political and moral. worries, undermines good governance and development economic, and distorts competitive conditions” There is no doubt that this is an aqueous description of purpose that could cover most policies government agencies. But the OECD Convention on the fight against the bribery of foreign public officials in the international business transactions was presented in 1997 as the cornerstone of a new global effort to rid the world of corporate bribery and corruption.

Doubtful results and insignificant achievements

The legal counsel for General Electric Co. and a prominent lobbyist corporate for the convention, Fritz Heimann, stated that it is “achievement most significant to date” in the movement to reform the International Business. However, after more than two decades of operation, the convention has left only a trace of dubious results and insignificant achievements. Being that his greatest impact at the international level has been to install a regime of prosecution that imposes fines on international companies for thousands of millions of dollars.

In Canada, the OECD convention threatens to topple the giant the engineering SNC-Lavalin Group Inc., and the liberal government of Justin Trudeau to boot. To the perception that the Government of Canada may be guilty of irregularities, to which the fact of that on Monday, the OECD issued a statement condescending, saying that she was “worried” and that “she will close “future developments in the SNC-Lavalin case.

However, nobody seems to be watching closely “with concern” the anti-bribery regime of the OECD. Being that the massive and growing efforts of the organization of 36 members against corporations Western countries have done little, perhaps even nothing, to reduce the bribery and corruption where it matters.

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Source: Terence Corcoran | Financial Post

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