Bernier’s immigration policy is backed by his libertarian ideals

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There is no doubt that there are many patterns of abuse in the daily coverage of Maxime Bernier’s media. In fact, there are constant comparisons with Donald Trump. This, due to the fact that he does not really commit himself to his policies, citing those who accuse him of “persuading”, while citing his supporters as well as one that jumps out is the routine questioning of his ideological good faith.

It should be noted that being ideologically inconsistent is a serious charge for many at the base of Bernier. While it is not a concern for liberals and progressives, it is nonetheless for many conservatives, even if it means becoming “losers,” as one conservative commentator from the United States said years ago.

Reference has been made to Bernier’s party, the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), as affected by a “fundamental contradiction” in the sense that it is “led by a libertarian free market and supported by anti-globalists.” While it has been qualified Bernier’s immigration position “a distraction from his ideological playbook” to repeated criticism.

The call of Bernier

By calling to reduce immigration, Bernier is perfectly loyal to the thinking of the free market. Importing workers from abroad, if it is high enough, can lead to supply shocks in the national labor market, which will weigh and distort the wage rates in the process; In fact, economists are baffled as to why wages in Canada have stagnated despite years of GDP growth.

It should be noted that for large companies, these expansions can lead to huge unexpected profits and an opportunity to avoid facing market discipline, that is, by not innovating or offering the necessary salaries to attract new workers. The markets that expand artificially are not “free”, and the profits increase with the help of the government that we usually call “subsidies”: two things that free-market libertarians revert.

It needs to be said that large populations with diverse languages, cultures and religions serve as a perfect excuse for new government programs and bureaucratic interference. Likewise, by superimposing all this is the range of government watchers obliged to ensure that visible minorities of immigrants obtain the necessary amount of cultural sensitivity and achieve economic parity with former Canadians.

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Source: Brad Betters | The Post Millennial

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