Barbara Kay: When gender identity education and theory goes wrong

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A family has lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario National Post | James Alexander Michie

A family has lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario over the distress their six-year-old daughter experienced when informed by a teacher that gender is fluid and “girls are not real.” Getty Images

What’s news these days, a family is asking a school board to make sure the lessons ‘do not devalue, deny, or undermine… the female gender identity’. In this way, it could be considered that the combination of education and the gender identity theory go wrong.

Now, it is important to summarize and likewise make a brief explanation. And is that the daughter N of the Buffones, six years, and on her own a happy girl, was abruptly plunged into considerable anguish when she was informed by her teacher during a session on gender identity in which gender is fluid and he’s not tied to biology, and that “girls are not real” and “boys are not real.”

It should be noted that the lessons continued and so did N’s anguish, to the point of asking to see a doctor about his fears. The Buffones say in their claim that “they were concerned about the impact (on) N’s view of herself as a girl. Prior to (the teacher’s) discussions with the Grade One class, N had consistently identified as a girl and had not previously expressed uncertainty or discontent with her gender identity and biological sex. “

Ignored views

It is important to mention that the Buffones asked the teacher to affirm N’s identity as a girl, in order to assure her that her identity as a woman was “real” to alleviate her anxiety. Still, none of what the Buffones claimed was denied by the school or its officials, but their request was rejected outright, first by the teacher, who said her lessons reflected “a change within society,” then by the principal, and to the superintendent of the school board and the curriculum superintendent.

Consequently, they took action and in this way, they took N to another school, where these gender theories are not taught, and where her mother states that she had regained her gained buoyancy.

Coupled with this, in its claim of the Human Rights Court of Ontario, the Buffones request as a remedy that the tribunal order the school board to ensure that classroom instruction does “not devalue, deny, or undermine in any way the female gender identity,” and that parents be informed “when lessons on gender identity will take place, including the teaching objectives and the materials that will be or have been used for such lessons.”

However, the response of the school board’s attorneys, who requested the dismissal of the complaint, indicates that the complaint has no reasonable basis for success.

Source: Barbara Kay | National Post

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