Chief UN Climate Scientist Calls the Climate Crisis Narrative “Religious Extremism”

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CO2 Coalition publishes the first professional translation of a controversial article in the Finnish Business Journal.

The CO2 Coalition of more than 50 climate scientists and energy economists today released the first professional translation of a controversial article that appeared in a Finnish financial newspaper on September 6, 2019. The article contained a long interview with Dr. Petteri Taalas, who is the Secretary-General of the UN World Meteorological Organization. In this way, it is appropriate to indicate that this position makes Taalas the main climate scientist at UNIPCC, who advises governments on climate science and energy policy.

“IPCC reports are read like the Holy Book, where certain sentences are sought to justify their own extreme position. It has the features of religious extremism… .This world will not end…. We are at the best of man’s time in many ways ”.

The article that causes a stir

There is no doubt that this article has caused a great stir creating great controversy, with Taalas portrayed as a supporter and critic of the climate crisis narrative. The CO2 Coalition paid for an impartial and professional translation so that Taalas’ opinions can be evaluated fairly. The article was translated from the Finnish financial newspaper Talouselämä (The Journal) for the CO2 Coalition by Language Innovations LLC, on September 23, 2019.

Thus, it is understood that the owner of the article is: Climate guru Petteri Taalas: Climate change is not yet out of control, but the debate is — “It has the features of religious extremism”.

Likewise, the professional meteorologist does not see the basis of the apocalyptic scenarios that are predicted now. In fact, according to Petteri Taalas, so far there are no signs of horror images of climate change, such as the Gulf Stream inversion or large-scale methane depletion as Siberian permafrost melts.

It should be noted that Taalas is the Finnish best ranked in the UN. His second house is in Geneva. He was recently elected to administer the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the specialized agency of the United Nations whose mandate covers climate, climate and water resources. Undoubtedly, the approval of the member states of the reforms of Taalas shows that it has no competence.

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Source: CO2 Coalition

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