Chris Selley: The Liberals’ police-state impaired driving law has to go

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The Liberals' police-state impaired driving law National Post | James Alexander Michie

The Liberals felt they had to 'get tough' on impaired driving, but this is evidence of what happens when you essentially outsource lawmaking to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. John Lappa/Sudbury Star/Postmedia Network

It is considered that the law of driving of people with disabilities of the state of the police of the liberals has to leave. The drunkest drivers in Canada continue to cause carnage on the roads, while the government is targeting asthmatics and people who buy wine.

Likewise, more and more victims of the new law of driving of disabled of the federal liberals make themselves heard and make the government of Justin Trudeau looks really silly, not only because what is happening is precisely what everyone predicted.

It should be noted that people with lung diseases who could not register a sample have been a problem in the past. But in the past, the police had to express some suspicion of deterioration before forcing a show of encouragement. Bill C-46, which Royal Assent received almost a year ago, eliminated that requirement.

Discrimination for health reasons

It should be noted that we are currently facing discrimination for health reasons. Very soon, we will learn that new powers are being disproportionately used to stop and breathe against certain minority populations.

Clearly, liberals felt that they had to “get tough” with impaired driving to compensate for concerns about the legalization of marijuana. But, more generally, this is evidence of what happens when a complete field of legislation is essentially outsourced to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. You end up obsessed with people whose level of disability is so small that it defies detection even by trained police officers when the real problem is the most spectacular: Canadian statistics show that almost 60 percent of drivers with injuries fatal with alcohol in their system Had levels more than double the legal limit.

Likewise, a brief tour of jurisprudence demonstrates the absurdity of the situation. This is a country where you can be convicted twice for driving poorly and causing bodily injury, then getting away with a suspended license and rolling your car, which will result in a third conviction for it, and you will receive 180 days in jail plus 30 days of suspension management. Now, what are the liberals doing? They go after asthmatics, older adults buying wine and people in their backyards. It is very likely to be unconstitutional. It is certainly, to repeat, a madness.

Source: Chris Selley | National Post

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