Comparison between a liberal carbon tax and a $ 2,000 cat door

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Car door James Alexander Michie

There was a story in which a couple of worthy environmental missionaries in Vancouver and their cat are the protagonists. Already tired of their weight in the global ecosystem, they took action and installed in their new and modest house of $ 3 million “a cat door of super isolated designer, with radio frequency control”.

The headline is “This Vancouver couple says their $ 2,000 cat door is helping fight climate change”. The cost of the said door, $ 2,000.

Possibly there is no madness too abject, or absurd, too luxurious, or a too hollow pretension, not to serve as a flag for a higher environmental “concern”.


You have to consider Justin Trudeau’s completely ineffective and misdirected “carbon tax”. In which there are so many deceptive things about this plan and many more things that are wrong. Now, the same plan can be compared to the owner’s cat door. A lot of show, no impact. Being that it can be seen very easily as the equivalent of the government at the door of a cat.

Likewise, in its presentation for 2019. Each government press release describes the increase in the energy tax as a “price to pollution”. Now, it is not clearly understood what Catherine McKenna, who is the Minister of the Earth, Wind, and Sky, is talking about. This is referring to the bold announcement that in 2019 “will no longer be free to pollute” and “make polluters pay is part of any carbon plan”.

You have to place the clear points on the table. And if you want to put a tax on oil and gas, do it and just call it that. Now, if a government is ashamed or afraid to call a carbon tax a carbon tax, then it probably should not impose it.

It should be noted that it is simply dishonest to sell a carbon tax as a “price” on pollution.

Meanwhile, it is considered that Canada is not in a position to save anything. In fact, we must take into account that whatever the tiny impact that a so-called carbon tax will have on the atmospheric emissions of the entire planet will be overcome and denied by the much more massive economies that go in the opposite direction.

Source: Rex Murphy | National Post

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