Conrad Black: Donald Trump’s nationalism is of all colours

National Post

Conrad Black in a recent article dated April 26, 2019, emphasizes that with regret he must address a rather strenuous issue. In fact, he assures that Donald Trump’s nationalism is of all colors.

Likewise, he criticizes an opinion article published on the CBC’s website on April 16th by his cordial cyber-acquaintance Neil Macdonald, entitled “Why Conservative Politics is such a natural home for white supremacists? “. In the same Neil, it is proposed to answer the question with a completely false sequence of affirmations and deductions.

Similarly, Black states that inevitably, Donald Trump is the main criminal. That being the case, he quotes Macdonald, “ He proudly calls himself a nationalist, without specifying what kind; ‘Use that word,’ he says to his angry, overwhelmingly white base, ‘Use that word.’”Now, it establishes that it is a white country of 70 percent, and the president has very extensive non-white support, especially among Americans of Latin and Asian origin. Its base is upset about the 20 years of misrule that preceded Trump: the unfruitful Middle East wars and humanitarian disaster.

Lost point

Black states that Macdonald completely loses the point. Since the per capita growth of the US GDP decreased from 4.5 percent per year under Reagan to 3.9 percent under Clinton to 2 percent under the second Bush, to 1 percent under Obama, while the national debt under Obama it increased by 125% in eight years. That is the reason why Trump voters were angry and the answer to the false rhetorical question “What kind” (or nationalism) is American nationalism, without color and all colors?

However, it is necessary to say that he is continually accused of being a fanatic, despite not being more proud of anything other than the fact that unemployment rates for all groups of non-white Americans are now lower and the income higher than ever.

On the other hand, Macdonald claims, in effect, that all nationalists are white nationalists, and that white nationalists are white supremacists. In support of his argument, Macdonald refers to Candace Owens as “a conservative American activist cited by the New Zealand killer as his greatest influence” and whom Macdonald claims, “once said that Hitler was not so bad.

Source: Conrad Black | National Post

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