Corruption in Venezuela has created a cocaine superhighway to the US


Corruption in Venezuela is of such magnitude that it has already created a cocaine highway to the United States.

Yes, that’s right, cocaine trafficking from Venezuela to the United States is skyrocketing, even when the country collapses. For their part, US officials and other regional officials do not remain silent. In this way, they themselves have expressed that it is Venezuela’s own military and political elites that are facilitating the passage of drugs inside and outside the country in hundreds of small, unmarked airplanes.

It is necessary to point out that CNN has carried out an exhaustive one-month investigation. From the same investigation, it was possible to trace the northward route of cocaine from the agricultural lands where a large part of it is grown in Colombia and found that the number of suspected drug flights from Venezuela has increased from approximately two flights per week in 2017 to almost every day in 2018. At least this is what an American official assures and in fact, during this year the same official has seen up to five night flights in the sky at once.

Airplanes loaded with cocaine

Both US officials and regional officials have emphasized that previously planes loaded with Colombian cocaine used to depart from the remote regions of the southern jungle of Venezuela. Now they take off from the most developed northwest region of the country to reduce their flight time.

The same officials have emphasized this situation; in such a way they have really been involved in the fight against deadly trade. That being the case, they describe a ridiculously profitable messaging system for the Venezuelan government. Likewise, a US official has expressed “Drug traffickers are increasingly exploiting the complicity of the Venezuelan authorities and, more recently, the vacuum of power”.

Likewise, it should be noted that a considerable fraction of the proceeds goes to countries through which drugs pass, from the jungles of Colombia to Venezuela and, often, to the Honduran coast. In fact, there is a confidential US radar map for 2018 of the CNN sighting routes. It reveals the exit from the Zulia region of northwestern Venezuela, its passage northward to the Caribbean, and then its strong westward shift towards its destinations on the remote farmland of Guatemala, on the Honduran coast and some in the Caribbean.

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Source: Nick Paton Walsh, Natalie Gallón and Diana Castrillon | CNN

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