Floating solar panels: Pretty to look at and so much more

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Floating Solar Panels James Alexander Michie


A solar panel or solar module is a device that captures the energy of solar radiation for its use. The term includes solar collectors, usually used to produce domestic hot water by solar thermal energy, and photovoltaic panels used to generate electricity using photovoltaic solar energy.

It should be noted that when creating a large-scale solar farm, several problems can arise. One of them is finding a place to place all the panels. Being that said place must have access to the sun, for which the most convenient for it would be those spaces that are open. However, the land is not economic at all, except for a few small exceptions.

A much cheaper solution

Everything always has some solution and diverse options by which an alternative could be taken to reach the wished thing. In this case, a large-scale solar farm is no exception. And because of the aforementioned, a solution has arisen, making the panels float on the water. In fact, this has already been done in many places, including the United Kingdom, USA, Brazil, Japan, and Korea, and it is expanding on a large scale.

Undoubtedly, floating solar panels are not only attractive to the eye but bring many benefits.

Likewise, the largest floating solar farm in the world is located on a Chinese lake that formed over a collapsed coal mine. It is designed to generate 150 megawatts. Which is enough to feed more than 20,000 American households.

Meanwhile, an even larger floating solar plant is being built in Indonesia. Of course, many are becoming interested in floating solar panels, as well as in Europe, where there is currently a lot of interest. For example in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, it was announced last week that it is commissioning a floating solar “park” that doubles as an art facility. It will have the shape of a strip of gently undulating waves that go into Rijnhaven, a port on the Nieuwe Maas River.

Do not let go of some of the advantages that the floating solar energy brings, as well as that it is more economical. Because it is not necessary to buy or rent land. In addition to this, you get great access to sunlight. And in the same way, there is an automatic cleaning of the water, which prevents the accumulation of dirt that blocks the sun. Last but not least, it provides greater efficiency, due to the cooling effect of the water.

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