The Big Picture: Coal consumption around the world

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The Big Picture James Alexander Michie

Taking into account the overall picture of coal today, it could be said that some nations have fallen significantly. While in others it still persists.

In the case of the United States, its president, Donald Trump, has promised the return of “clean and beautiful coal.” However, we must not forget that it is EE. UU The consumption of coal, a dirty fossil fuel, is at a minimum of 40 years. This could be due to the use of cheaper energy sources. And is that Western countries, in general, have seen a significant fall in the use of coal. However, this has not been the case of large developing nations such as China and India.

Responsible for environmental damage

It is necessary to emphasize that cities around the world are beginning to hold oil producers accountable for their effects on the climate. And at the end of last year, 16 municipalities of BC wrote letters to oil and gas companies asking them to help pay for the environmental damage resulting from their carbon emissions.

No doubt this is beginning to cause a lot of inconveniences and those responsible for environmental damage should be held responsible. Meanwhile, Reuters has reported that Ford and Volkswagen will make a major announcement at the Detroit Auto Show on January 15. The problem is that it will be an association that could, among other things, help them quickly build their respective fleets of electric cars.

On the other hand, it has been questioned whether it would be necessary for foods to contain labels that explain their carbon footprint. This is undoubtedly a tempting idea. Taking into account that according to a new study, consumers make more sustainable food decisions if they are given the correct information about it.

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Source: What on Earth? — CBC News

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