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In the New Year, for many people, there is an opportunity to modify the routine, or even to review it completely. Some do it in a very personal way while others take into account everyone, in fact, take into account the environment.

This should be done by more people. And that is how many people consider improving in various aspects as well as work, love, among others. The environment should also be taken into account, which of course we all inhabit and is of great importance. There are those who want to preserve it and maintain it in the best way. Therefore, here are some suggestions.

Suggestions that we should all take

RJ Meehan wrote that in 2019, “I’m working to reduce waste and misuse”. This would include changing their diet and “consume only what my body, in its superior weight, really needs”. In addition, reduce the use of single-use plastics “taking the containers to bulk containers, returning the containers to the point of purchase whenever possible and using used bags for other purposes until they are no longer usable”. And it is that Meehan has an established goal, to create a “usable world, to last the life of my great-grandchildren and great-grandchildren. This will give me an incentive”.

On the other hand, Holly Brown admits that she has “had an environmental mentality” for a long time. While she is not one of those who normally makes New Year’s resolutions, “my growing ecological anxiety is pushing me to intensify my game even more”.

However, she has considered “eliminating plastic containers whenever possible”. She plans to do so by switching from liquid soap to bar soap, using bar shampoo and “loading a reusable container for use in eating places in food courtyards and in restaurants to take leftovers home”.

While on the other hand, Zuzana Telepovska wrote that she and her husband will spend much of 2019 traveling. But this is no reason to forget the environment. Being that he will take it into account in his travels.

Including the use of LifeStraw, reusable bottles for water and KeepCups “for drinks served on airplanes”.

Added to this, Telepovska is aware of the carbon emissions of flying, therefore has said “we do not plan to take many flights”, adding that she and her husband will move “as much as we can on land, hitchhiking or using public transport”.

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Source: What on Earth? — CBC News

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