‘Giving is like a drug’: Hamilton couple pledge bulk of their estate to create $100-million health research endowment

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Charlie and Margaret Juravinski National Post | James Alexander Michie

Charlie and Margaret Juravinski: “Giving is like a drug. Nothing feels better than helping others.” Courtesy McMaster University

For the couple, Charlie and his wife Margaret “Giving is like a drug”. In fact, the couple commits to the majority of their assets to create a $ 100 million endowment for health research. Thus, there is no doubt that together with Charles and Margaret Juravinski, it has been a lifetime of generosity.

In fact, according to his doctor, Charlie Juravinski is an “enigma”, an atypical case at 89 years of age, who has no business (statistically speaking) being alive, but still alive, and therefore the best medical advice.

In this way, Charlie and his wife Margaret often sit at the kitchen table discussing one of Charlie’s habits, one of which, Margaret shares enthusiastically, giving away lots of money.

Donations everywhere

At least some sixteen million dollars here, another few million there, a philanthropy streak that totaled about $ 50 million over the past 18 years, and can be identified in Hamilton by the names attached to several buildings, including the Juravinski Hospital and the Cancer Center at Hamilton Health. Science, the Margaret & Charles Juravinski Education, Research and Development Center at McMaster University.

According to Charlie, giving is like a drug since nothing feels better than helping others. And it must feel good enough to achieve such a level of generosity.

Now, Charlie and Margaret are giving again, allocating most of their assets to create a $ 100 million grant to fund the Juravinski Research Center, in partnership with Hamilton Health Sciences, McMaster University, and St. Joseph’s Healthcare. In fact, by Charlie’s mathematics, the endowment will pay about $ 5 million a year to its partners, in a gift that will be granted in perpetuity.

For his part, Rob MacIsaac, who is the president and CEO of Hamilton Health Sciences, “With Charles and Margaret, it has been a lifetime of generosity”, he added, “They have been very effective at making a difference in Hamilton”.

It is necessary to emphasize that Charlie and Margaret have weathered some storms during their more than six decades together; Since both have had some health problems.

Source: Joe O’Connor | National Post

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