Identity Politics Is Devouring Itself

Ouroboros - James Alexander Michie

Washington, D.C. hosted tens of thousands of activists who disrupted traffic flows. They were given the task of touring the city without shouting slogans to anyone in particular. Possibly under the mistaken impression that his actions somehow make the narrative of history become in their favor.

Likewise, the politics of identity is devouring itself. Those who traveled to Washington undoubtedly made their signals. They also walked, shouted and gave speeches to each other. However, apparently, all their efforts, which of course are recognized, were not enough. They did not make any change. Those who actually benefited at the end of the day were hotels and restaurants. And is that under the system of free enterprise that activists seem determined to limp and overthrow, customers are always welcome.

There is no doubt that the organizers now hate each other more than ever. In fact, there were two separate marches in most cities. Being an original with a new name because the founder was expelled. While the other was the march of rupture that is protesting not only the patriarchy and any other evil imagined in the world. But also the dominant class of the march itself, which dissidents consider to be dominated by a wrong demographic.

A growing crack

This has been made clear by a report by the Times before the march in which it is read. The crack is now so serious that there will be two marches on the same day of next month on the streets of New York: one led by the Women’s March group, which is considered a leader in women of color, and another by an Affiliated group With March On, its denunciation of anti-Semitism stands out.

The split and factionalism are so fierce that lawsuits are even brewing about the name of the Women’s March. “Four organizations have sued the National Women’s March group, led by activists Bob Bland, Tamika Mallory, Carmen Perez, and Linda Sarsour, for efforts to register the name,” the Washington Post reports, arguing that no entity can be owning the march or activism has inspired. “

Meanwhile, a result was obtained that should not be left out, low participation.

That march of women affirmed that it was organized by and for women as a group. However, this designation necessarily excludes Republican women who voted reliably for the man who is the main object of the protester’s hatred.

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Source: Jeffrey A. Tucker | American Institute for Economic Research

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