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Conservative Brazilian lawmaker Jair Bolsonaro flashes two thumbs up as he poses for a photo with cadets during a ceremony marking Army Day, in Brasilia, Brazil, April 19, 2018. (Eraldo Peres/The Associated Press)

Jair Messias Bolsonaro is a Brazilian politician and retired military officer, he is also a man who outrages progressive Brazilians with his insults directed against women, gays, blacks and indigenous people, but whose crude and violent rhetoric has touched the tone with an angry section of the electorate.

Due to all that Bolsonaro has said, now many label him as the “Trump of Brazil” and that there is no doubt that he has caused a stir with everything he has expressed.

For his part, Bolsonaro has vowed to scrap environmental laws, open the Amazon to ranchers and miners and confiscate the lands of the indigenous people of Brazil.

Bolsonaro could become a big problem for Canada if he wins the presidency

According to the president of the National Council of Métis in Canada, Clem Chartier, “I have never seen anything more atrocious than the comments that are being made now … Let’s hope they do not go ahead with the threat of assaulting indigenous peoples and lands in that way”.

Added to this, he also added “His rhetoric has been extreme and alarming, it is alarming because it is, to a large extent, credible, because it has long-standing positions against indigenous reserves, against restrictions on the expansion of agriculture in the Amazon, and because it is likely to have substantial support in Congress for that agenda”.

Likewise, it is known that if Bolsonaro fulfills some of his promises in case he wins the presidency, his administration could be presented to the Trudeau government as an overwhelming challenge on the international stage.

Likewise, Bolsonaro’s policies on indigenous peoples are largely driven by his supporters of Brazil’s powerful cattle and soybean industries. The Bolsonaro campaign table that has most influenced ordinary voters, however, is their promise to be tough on criminals.

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Source: Evan Dyer | CBC News

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