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The Trudeau-McKenna Church of environmentalists of the last days has a plan to reduce the “carbon emissions” of Canada. They are called to fulfill the promises of the Paris Agreement, thus being a tax on energy.

It should be noted that you are not putting a price on pollution; In fact, a tax on all energy fuels is being imposed. In addition to this, CO2 is not established as a pollutant, it is a part of the atmosphere of our planet that gives life and in the same way improves it.

The “plan” of Trudeau-McKenna will never reach Port aux Basques. It starts with $ 10 per ton and rises to 50. On the part of the IPCC (the Malleus Maleficarum (Hammer of Witches) of the environmental shamans leader) a report was received stating that for Canada to fulfill the promised commitments, an initial tax of $ 135 per ton will be required and, as time passes, you can claim up to $ 5,500 per ton.

Is the Trudeau-McKenna plan efficient and completely pleasing to society?

According to various opinions, it has been said that this plan does not even address the commitment of the IPCC necessary to achieve the promised objective of fulfilling the objectives of the Paris Agreement. It has been said that the same if a plan, but despite this, it is really a false plan because it is inadequate, incomplete, myopic and, at the same time, pretentious.

Canada’s minute calibrations to reduce CO2 through an energy tax will be eliminated in a week by China’s industries.

According to Trudeau “Even if Canada stopped everything tomorrow and the other countries did not have any solution, it would not make a big difference”.

On the other hand, for some, this plan is inadequate and useless in the global plain, and likewise, by the scathing standards of the IPCC, it is insufficient even for Canada, much less for the world.

Source: Rex Murphy | National Post

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