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Author: James Alexander Michie

Currently, many children have bad experiences in sports that are largely the fault of their coaches so they leave the game before playing with a properly trained coach, with 70% of the cases in which children leave sports before of the next season. It is possible that the number of children who leave the games due to their coaches will reach millions, who despite their good intentions are not really prepared.

According to research statistics that are really alarming, since it has been shown that only 5% of children who are advised by a coach who is properly trained leave for next season when 26% leave after being advised by a coach that really is not trained.

Likewise, for 2012, of 6.5 million coaches in the United States, only 19% had been trained in communication and motivation suitable for children who were under their guidance and only one in three was prepared in the skills and techniques that they were supposed to instruct. Likewise, many 6-year-old children are treated as if they were 16 years old by their coaches only because that is how they were treated in high school, while others only tell the children to have fun leaving aside what should teach, how to perform a practice or teach a skill. Fun is important as long as you stop learning, in fact, a sport is fun when there is no competition and the confidence to contend.

Although we know the reasons why there are a significant dropout and bad sports experiences for many children, the leaders, coaching directors and managers of the sports world do nothing to change this, thus falling into the ostrich effect, that is, it is constantly ignored this issue without looking for any solution to stop the dropout rate of youth sports.

It is necessary to do something about this, appropriately and progressively instructing each of the coaches regardless of their level and status, that is to say, either volunteer or employee.

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Source: John O’Sullivan | Changing The Game Project


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