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Single-sports Kids James Alexander Michie

Single-sport kids feeling the strain of specialization, experts say | James Alexander Michie

Author: James Alexander Michie

It has been shown that when children play a single sport throughout the year they are prone to an increased risk of injury, which is causing some fear in children.

On the one hand, children spend their summers improving and perfecting their hockey movements and tactics, which is often encouraged by their parents or coaches, arguing that if they want to stand out and reach another level they must discipline themselves to the sport they practice, however, according to studies it has been shown that in the early sports specialization young people are more prone to suffer significant physical damage and even possible injuries.

Likewise, it is estimated that so much tension leads to an injury since pediatric sports injuries have increased in recent years while children are involved in sports from a significantly early age. In the same way children who focus on a single sport expose their joints, bones and soft tissues growing to repeated tensions that in fact in a young body can harm their skeletal development especially if the child does not rest, if other muscles are not stimulated and other elements of the body, but they are always the same in addition to him not rest enough means a lot in sports especially in the years of development.

However, it is somewhat complicated for children to want to play several sports, but even so, it is possible to convince them.

The benefits of playing multiple sports are not only physical since, in addition to minimizing or preventing possible injuries to which children are exposed, a wide and varied participation results in an increase in creativity, happiness and enjoyment, generating More fun besides less stress and exhaustion.

Take a read: https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/early-sport-specialization-risks-1.4749083

Source: Anna Wassermann | CBC News


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